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Tool-less Adjustable Backrest Brackets

The Perfect Backrest
Is Within Reach

Is Your Backrest -
Too Low? Too High?
Too Far Forward? Too Far Back?
Uncomfortable with Your New Jacket?
Do You Want Instant Control of Your Backrest??

  • The TABBs bracket allows your driver's backrest pad to be raised or lowered and locked into any one of 10 positions providing a total of up to 2 ½ inches of height adjustment
    “quick, easy, and without tools”

  • The large diameter tilt wheel on the TABBs driver's backrest bracket provides over 10 inches of pad travel, tilting forward or reclining
    “quick, easy, and without tools”

  • The TABBs bracket enables your driver's backrest pad to be folded down onto the driver's seat to allow your passenger a safer dismount from the rear seat.

TABBs is the fully adjustable backrest bracket for a motorcycle driver's backrest that brings a higher level of safety and comfort to you, the motorcycle rider.
The TABBs bracket installs between the backrest pad and the seat on a driver's backrest. Adjustments to the position of the backrest pad are done quick, easy, and without the need for tools.


TABBs fits most custom seats with a driver's backrest including:
Ultimate, Mustang, Diamond, Hartco, Corbin, and now Harley-Davidson.
Also available for aftermarket driver's backrest from:
Add-on, Show Chrome, Markland, and Utopia Built-in
For models not listed, call: 501.291.1088

A Complete Driver's Backrest Kit is available for 2001-2013 Gold Wing GL1800. The Complete Driver's Backrest Kit includes an Add-On Accessories Insert Mount style Driver's Backrest with a TABBs bracket.

The TABBs bracket is made in the USA from solid CNC machined billet aluminum and stainless steel. Hand fitted for quality and years of reliability. No casting or stamped formed materials.

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Seat w/TABBs
TABBs Bracket added to your
backrest or as a complete
backrest kit





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